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Tetra Launches New Custody API Solution, Enabling Enhanced Data Access and Automation for Customers

Tetra Trust Company (Tetra), a leading provider of compliant and regulated  digital asset custody solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of the first version of the Tetra Custody API.

This new API solution provides users with enhanced data access and automation capabilities, catering to the evolving needs of customers in the digital asset space. With the release of this API, Tetra’s commitment to seamless integrations sets a new industry standard for regulated custody services in Canada.

The initial version of the API introduces essential endpoints that will lay the foundation for a seamless and transparent user experience, enabling customers to monitor and manage their assets with ease. With plans to provide additional endpoints throughout Q3 and beyond, Tetra is dedicated to continuous innovation and expansion that will provide customers with even greater control over their digital assets. Through the release of the Custody API, Tetra has expanded its service offerings, solidifying its position as a market leader in the Canadian custody space.

“Our goal at Tetra is to provide our clients with the highest standard of digital asset custody solutions.”

Didier Lavallée, CEO

“Our goal at Tetra is to provide our clients with the highest standard of digital asset custody solutions,” said Didier Lavallée, CEO at Tetra. “The launch of our Custody API signifies a significant milestone in our journey to simplify and enhance the user experience through automation.” 

Tetra’s Custody API Solution represents the future of compliant and regulated digital asset custody in Canada. With robust security measures, advanced automation capabilities, and streamlined data access, Tetra is spearheading a new era of custody services. By advancing compliant and regulated solutions, all while focusing on innovation and customer centric solutions, Tetra continues to set the standard for digital asset custody in Canada. 

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