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Canada’s Digital Asset Custody Solution

Canada’s Only Licensed Digital Asset Trust Company

  • Your assets are securely held in Canada
  • No jurisdiction hassles
  • Flexible access to your assets

Modernize Your Digital Asset Custody Experience

The partner you can trust.

“Tetra has modernized our digital asset custody experience. Their advanced security measures, user-friendly interface and efficient transaction processing enables us to manage our assets seamlessly and securely. We can confidently recommend Tetra as a trusted partner in the digital asset space.”

Terence Byrne, Director of Treasury

Custody with Confidence

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Safeguarding your digital assets against theft is our area of expertise.

Tetra works with the world’s best technology providers to offer secure wallet solutions and comprehensive insurance coverage to keep you protected.

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Digital asset management outside of Canada exposes you to foreign jurisdiction risks.

Tetra is Canada’s only qualified custodian for digital assets, ensuring Canadian compliance, governance, and safety of digital  asset ownership.

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Your digital assets are yours, which makes it frustrating when you can’t actually get to them.

Whether you’re doing short-term trading or need long-term storage, Tetra has digital asset custody solutions that offer you  accessibility and flexibility.

Canada’s Custody Platform

Canadian investors aren’t an afterthought or a subgroup we serve.

At Tetra we live, work, and secure your assets in Canada, protecting you from the complications of foreign jurisdictions. 

Which makes you our only priority.

Digital Asset Custody Solutions

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Hot and Cold Wallet Support

Quick Access.
Secure Assets.

Don’t choose between access and security. Get it all.

  • 24/7 access to your hot wallet – you can even withdraw daily
  • Institutional grade cold wallet digital asset security
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Flexible Withdrawal Windows

Anytime. Anywhere.

No withdrawal windows to work around.

  • Get to your assets when you need them
  • No waiting period or lack of capacity to process your transactions

Canada’s Digital Asset Trust Company

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Fiat On/Off Ramp

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Escrow Management

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Security Tokenization

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“Accelerate has found a reliable partner in Tetra for our digital asset custody needs. They were fundamental in helping us launch Accelerate’s NFT Fund and have continued to improve their operational process and solution. Their technology and unwavering commitment to security have exceeded our expectations, and we know we can trust Tetra to protect and manage our assets with the utmost care.”

Michael Kesslering, CFO and Head Of Capital Markets

Tetra Serves Institutions

Providing digital assets the same level of service and protection you expect for traditional assets.

We serve Canadians across the industry:

  • Corporate entities and high-net-worth individuals
  • Institutional investors and asset managers
  • Market makers and liquidity providers
  • Trading and exchange platforms
  • Family offices
  • Miners

Partners You Recognize and Trust

We only partner with the best in the industry.

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“Tetra has proven to be an exceptional partner for 3iQ, consistently delivering on their promise of secure and reliable digital asset custody. Their deep understanding of the complexities of the crypto space, combined with their robust infrastructure, has allowed us to confidently manage our digital assets. Tetra’s team of experts has been instrumental in providing us with seamless integration and outstanding customer support. We highly recommend them to any company looking for a dependable custody provider.”

Pascal St-Jean, President

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Registered as a Canadian trust company under the Loan and Trust Corporations Act (Alberta), Tetra is fiduciarily responsible to act in the best interests of its clients.
Tetra meets the requirements to custody registered entities under rules NI 31-103 and NI 81-102.

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