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How Tetra Trust Manages Risk for Institutional Clients

The phrase “not your keys, not your bitcoin” is proving to be an accurate one in today’s crypto environment.

Currently, there is a great deal of discussion (and consternation) about the security of digital assets when they are stored with a third party. That is why the issue of how digital assets are stored and managed is and should remain top of mind.

I wanted to share Tetra Trust’s perspective at this time. 

As the only regulated cryptocurrency custodian in Canada, we follow strict guidelines set out by our regulators to ensure our customers’ digital assets are always safe, secure and accessible. For example:

  • We hold our clients’ assets in trust, meaning the legal title of the assets remains with the client and is never transferred to us; 
  • Tetra does not re-hypothecate client assets; 
  • Tetra operates under mandated regulatory capital requirements and maintains a prescribed liquidity position at all times;
  • We have rigorous standards of operations and are SOC 2 Type 2 certified;
  • Independent parties audit Tetra for both Proof of Reserves as well as Financial and Operational Processes; and 
  • Tetra partners with organizations that are SOC 2 compliant and conducts ongoing due diligence of our providers.

These controls are in place to ensure our customers’ digital assets are secure and to guarantee they always have access to them. Tetra will continue to operate under an uncompromising governance model that allows for effective risk management in order to ensure the continued growth of digital assets as a widely adopted asset class.

The current environment highlights the need for institutions to ensure their custody solutions are dependable and trustworthy. I’m always available to discuss the crypto space and Tetra’s custody solutions.

Didier Lavallée
CEO, Tetra Trust 

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