Digital Asset Custody Services

Crypto Custody Services

Tetra offers full service crypto custody solutions for institutions to operate safely within the digital asset market.

Engineered to eliminate risk exposure, our regulated custody products are built with enterprise-grade technology that exceed the high standards required by registered investment firms.

For Canadian institutional investors looking to get into the cryptocurrency space, Tetra provides an easy, secure and seamless experience.

Tetra user interface
Intuitive interface to manage assets anywhere, anytime – without compromising on security.

About Our Digital Asset Custody Services


Powerful cold storage

Our sophisticated technology stack is engineered for the safe storage of your digital assets without ever compromising on usability. Our systems use multi-layered security protocols including segregated wallets, stringent consensus protocols and backup redundancies for no single point of failure.


Insurance Coverage

Tetra offers a comprehensive crime insurance policy insuring against loss, theft and collusion with the ability to have a dedicated limit.


Risk Mitigation

Tetra’s infrastructure has undergone extensive testing to ensure security, stability and redundancy.
Both SOC auditors and insurance companies have vetted the security infrastructure:

• SOC 2 completed
• Secured cold-wallet insurance for the digital assets in custody

A custody solution like no other

Our Technology

Engineered for the future, Tetra technology redefines what it means to be secure. 100% proprietary, Tetra systems use multi-layered security protocols to provide a custodial solution that is both safe and reliable for digital assets.


Ready to Learn More?

Our team of experts are here to answer any questions you may have and find the right solution for your business. Contact us today to find out why we are Canada’s preferred digital asset custodian.