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Building a Diverse and Dynamic Workforce: How Tetra’s Partnership with Students is Shaping the Future

Working with post-secondary talent has been a key contributing factor to the success of Tetra. So earlier this year, when approached with an opportunity to support the University of Calgary Blockchain Society, Tetra jumped at the chance to offer support.

The Value of Post-Secondary Partnerships

The University of Calgary Blockchain Society (UCBS) is self-described as ‘Alberta’s First Blockchain Club’ and operates as a student-driven community at the University of Calgary. Here, students have the chance to bond over their interests in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by attending workshops, working on team projects, and organizing their own blockchain-related events. After meeting with student members, and hearing their passion for the blockchain industry, Tetra knew a partnership with UCBS would be a natural fit for the company. With this new sponsorship, Tetra plans to continue its tradition of utilizing post-secondary talent while bringing awareness to the many benefits of partnering with student-led groups.  

Tetra’s Chief Compliance Officer, Steve Oliver, believes there is a lot of value in a student-led group interested in blockchain. “It was clear to us that the UCBS was a well-organized, serious, passionate society. I recall meeting their executive team and being impressed with their desire to get involved in the blockchain industry, and their knowledge was evident. Tetra sees the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship, and we are excited to call ourselves partners of the society.”

As part of the society’s ongoing efforts to bring real world blockchain companies to engage with the University of Calgary student body, the UCBS hosted an event for Tetra to speak about the company’s vision, the future of blockchain technology, and how to get more involved in the industry. Following the presentation, the students had an opportunity to network and ask relevant questions about the current state of the market. After the successful event, Taimur Rizwan, UCBS Co-President & Co-Founder had this to say, “Tetra and UCBS partnering is a fantastic opportunity for both parties to mutually benefit. Being that blockchain technology is relatively new and highly disruptive, showcasing Tetra at the University of Calgary for students was a great gateway for our members to learn how diverse this industry is. All the while, with Tetra’s aid of bridging together a resume pipeline with us, not only does it generate interest within the blockchain sector but also provides incredible value to students in terms of knowledge and opportunity.”

Growth of Student Talent at Tetra

One of Tetra’s own employees is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary. Chiara Kastanova started as a full-time Account Manager at Tetra in the summer of 2022. During her final semester in the fall, she worked flexible part-time hours before returning to the company in January of 2022 as a full-time Compliance Analyst. Chiara came highly recommended to Tetra for her work at the University of Calgary as a blockchain research assistant.

“Tetra took a chance on me and provided a great opportunity to get involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. I will always advocate for hiring students as the students I know are very knowledgeable on the latest developments and technologies that are needed to gain a competitive edge in today’s market. When hiring in an emerging industry, I believe the ability to learn can often trump experience, and I hope my experience at Tetra is testament to that.”

Chiara Kastanova

In Tetra’s Toronto office, two co-op students have been employed on its software engineering team. A co-op provides a win-win for both the company and the student, as the company gains valuable work and insights from the student, and the student gains experience solving problems in a work setting. Phil Buchanan, Tetra’s Director of Product and Engineering, can attest to the value of hiring students, “We find that students are ideal because they possess the eagerness and ability to learn and grow quickly and don’t yet have preconceived notions of how an engineering team should approach problem solving. This allows them to adapt more quickly and contribute novel approaches to our way of working, and ultimately become more productive. Hiring co-ops also allows our existing engineers to gain valuable coaching and mentorship experience making them more effective in their roles. It’s also a great recruitment tool, since we already know what the students are capable of once they graduate.”

Looking Forward

Tetra embraces its ability to help grow the blockchain industry and provide skilled jobs for the graduates of tomorrow. As Chiara conveyed to the audience at the UCBS Tetra event, there is a misconception that roles in technology-adjacent sectors absolutely require coding as a skill set, as there is a wide range of jobs to be filled in every company. While coding is valuable for Tetra’s software team, expertise is also needed in accounting, marketing, and operating on the business side of the company. Tetra plans to keep connecting with students to help them learn about and engage with the blockchain industry in a way that is interesting and fulfilling.

As for the UCBS, they too have several plans to increase engagement, both at the University of Calgary and within the blockchain industry. In the future, Emir Avci, Co-President & Co-Founder, says that the UCBS has big plans, “The prospects of the UCalgary Blockchain Society are as promising as the potential of blockchain technology. Boasting 150 committed members, 10 Vice Presidents, five partnerships, and a track record of hosting 10 successful events within its inaugural year, UCBS has already left an impressive mark on the students and the industry. As we gaze ahead, we envision a continued expansion of our impact through innovation, growth, and partnerships. We are striving towards the shared goal of fostering a more secure and decentralized global community through the utilization of blockchain technology.”


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